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Rob Rosenberry Physical Therapy has been helping residents of the Santa Ynez Valley get better since 1987.

Rob Rosenberry Physical Therapy utilizes the latest research and evidence-based techniques, our board certified orthopedic clinical specialists are skilled in treating orthopedic or sports-related injuries, balance and vestibular dysfunction, spinal injuries, and providing rehabilitation programs for post-surgical patients.

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Performance Fitness is the destination of athletes and Santa Ynez Valley residents who are passionate about fitness.

Performance Fitness is serious about providing customers with excellent service. This is reflected in our commitment to continue offering group fitness classes taught by nationally certified instructors, state of the art equipment, access to NSCA certified personal trainers, and a clean, spacious environment.

Meet Our Staff

The ongoing mission of Rob Rosenberry Physical Therapy is to provide people with the best in rehabilitation, education, fitness, and wellness programs. To this end, our staff regularly attend the latest seminars and trainings and keep current on continuing education units.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few frequently asked questions we get about Rob Rosenberry Physical Therapy. If your questions are not answered here please feel free to contact us.

Yes, most insurances cover physical therapy, but the specifics of what they cover varies depending on the provider and plan. We accept most insurances, including: Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Medicare, and Workman’s Compensation. We also have special rates for those who wish to pay out-of-pocket. If you have a question about whether or not our clinic is in-network or not, please contact your insurance provider, or feel free to contact our office: 805-688-5000.

If you have a problem that you think can be helped with physical therapy, feel free to give us a call! California is a direct access state—that means you may obtain physical therapy services directly on your own without a physician’s referral. However, you may also give your doctor a call and request a referral to physical therapy.

On your first visit, please be sure to arrive 15 minutes early to the complete the necessary patient forms. your physical therapist will perform an examination that involves: a thorough history, a systems review, and tests and measures to help the therapist to get a more specific understanding of your condition. Your physical therapist will make a clinical judgment as to your diagnosis and prognosis, and then develop a treatment program aimed at resolving the problems identified. On this first visit, the clinician will begin to provide initial treatment for your condition.

We strongly recommend wearing clothes that you would use to exercise in—clothes that are easy to move in, and allow the therapists to easily treat the site of your pain, discomfort, or injury. If you are coming for a knee-leg-ankle-foot problem, shorts are important. You can bring clothing with you if you need to change here.