Mission/ Vision/Values


To help people get better.


To become an engaging community of professionals who excel at helping people reach their full physical potential.


  • People: We believe each one of our patients and clients is unique and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
  • Health: We believe each person should pursue their full physical potential.
  • Patterns: We believe physical health is the result of life patterns that extend beyond our clinic.
  • Excellence: We believe excellence honors God and inspires our patients and clients.
  • Education: We believe information equips our patients to more effectively pursue physical health.

Our goals for each patient and client:

  • Reduce Pain: Reduction of pain is the foundation of restorative therapy. Pain does not necessarily equate with dysfunction. Changing the perception of pain is part of the learning process in rehabilitation.
  • Enable Movement: Restoring the ability to move without limitation. Regaining mobility must begin as the pain decreases and before building strength. Gain as much range of motion as possible on which to build strength and improve function.
  • Rebuild Strength: Restoring muscular ability to provide support and stability for movement. Core strengthening is part of all rehabilitation programs. Strength increases endurance for functional activities and decreases symptomatic response to activity.
  • Recapture Desired Function: Restoring ability to perform movements, postures, and positions consistent with Activities of Daily Living, work, and recreation. Restoring the ability to function without limitation in all areas of life. Restoring/maximizing functional ability with decreased pain, increased mobility, increased strength and stability, and increased endurance.